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which statement best describes the ethical principle(s) that guide the resuscitation of a newborn?


What is the ethical principle that best guides the resuscitation of a newborn?

The principle that best guides the resuscitation of a newborn is autonomy. This means that, in order to live life to its fullest, every individual should live as if they have the autonomy to make their own decisions about how and when they die. The only exception would be if your death would cause extreme harm or pain for yourself or another person.

There are two more ethical principles present in this question: beneficence and nonmaleficence; these both have positive effects on people’s lives as well as the lives of their future children during childbirth. Beneficence can also be thought of as helping people who are unable to make their own decisions. Nonmaleficence entails using things in ways that do not cause pain or injury to patients or others.

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For the purposes of this question, autonomy is defined as:

Autonomy is the ability to make free choices about the things which you do and how you act in them.. Today, there are many different ethical principles that guide our living. For example, we act in a way that is most beneficial for ourselves and those around us but also for future generations. We consider the effects of our actions on others and when it comes down to it, we find a way to share life with everyone without causing harm. From the philosophical standpoint, autonomy is defined as the right for one to freely make decisions without any interference from others. The only exception would be if it can be proved that your actions would bring about serious harm or pain to you or others. Autonomy is well known as a fundamental human right.

Beneficence is defined as:

Beneficence is the ethical principle where one must act in a way that has a positive effect on other people’s lives and helps them become better persons in society. Take, for example, helping people who are weaker than you to become more powerful and build up courage to happily live their lives. Here, the principle of beneficence can be seen as helping the other person to become better and stronger.

When it comes down to it, a person’s life is always best guided by their own ethical principles; however, it is important to remember that there are limitations on how we live. The two moral concerns that people should consider in order to make the right decisions are autonomy and beneficence. When people choose these guidelines, they will experience a happier life and also a healthier one for future generations. There are many ways to make someone’s life better and more successful, but not everyone has the same ethical principles that guide them. For the most part, it is best to choose the ethical principles that will help you have more success in solving the problems that you face.

What we find out about values and ethics is not set in stone, but evolves as time moves on. Since the incident’s finale, there is much debate about whether or not it was ethical for O’Malley and others to end Lisbon’s life. However, O’Malley respected Raymonde by giving her a chance at a peaceful death; this made him act ethically since he considered Raymonde’s wishes for her death.

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Furthermore, O’Malley’s actions are justified because of the following points:
His concern for Raymonde—He believed that Raymonde did not want to die and was trying to compromise to end Lisbon’s suffering and no longer being able to do so. This shows his compassion towards her because he truly cared about her well-being. His proposal for Raymonde

After telling Lisbon that she had 30 minutes left to live, O’Malley offered Raymonde a peaceful death. By doing so, he clearly demonstrated how much he cared about her by giving her another chance at living.

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