who holds the record for the shortest song ever recorded?

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The Guinness World Records estimates the shortest song ever recorded is “L’Internationale”, which was sung by a children’s choir in Kiev, Ukraine in 2010. It took just 41 seconds to complete.

Many people think the shortest song ever recorded was “Happy Birthday to You” which is just 52 seconds long, but this has not been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records and it does not count as a true “song”.
The record consists of 10,000 Ukrainian school children singing “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (read: it’s an anthem of sorts). The choir started with 54 singers per note and slowly added more until they reached 10,000 singers at full voice. It was then digitally manipulated into a “song”.

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The reason the Guinness World Records lists 42 seconds is because the song was recorded on a school bus that was traveling at 100 km/h while recording. In reality, it would take 2.5 seconds for the bus to reach that speed and another 9 seconds to play all of the notes sung by the children. As such, this represents approximately 50% slower than 100 km/h, meaning it would be accurate to call this a “low-speed recording”.

There is also another short-yet-not-really-actually-short song which is called “Storm in a Teacup” (ala 6 seconds). It was also recorded at 100 km/h on a school bus, but the result is nothing more than an eerie noise, which is not considered a “song”.

The shortest song sung by the human voice:

Who holds the record for the shortest song ever recorded?
Guinness World Records has listed “L’Internationale” [a reference to La Marseillaise, a French national anthem] as “the world’s shortest song.” The record was set in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine when schoolchildren sang it during an event organized by local religious organizations. They had ten thousand children from Ukraine’s National School of Music take part in singing. The children sang the anthem, La Marseillaise, in its entirety, but at a very slow pace. While it does not appear in Guinness World Records, the following is the shortest song sung by the human voice

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This claim was challenged in November 2018 by two Weibo users who claimed to have recorded a four-note ‘song’ in Nanjing. The song was recorded on a smartphone and posted on the microblogging platform Weibo by two Chinese people, Liu Jie and Zhang Hongxiang. The duo claim to have recorded the song’s first two notes on December 16, 2017 at Nanjing Normal University, China.

In addition to this point, in August 2018, “Vox” also posted a video of a four-note recording that appears to be identical. That recording was made by Lu Lingyun in Beijing’s Zhaoyuan International Airport. Lu posted the same video on Twitter with the message: “No one will believe you [that I] can sing more than 4 tones.