Business Why are Serviced Offices the best choice for Enterprises?

Why are Serviced Offices the best choice for Enterprises?


Workspace designs have changed dramatically over the last decade. Traditional offices are being replaced with new vibrant interiors and lively ambience. The importance of creating a collaborative work environment has taken precedence over the old-school cubicles or workstations. The traditional ways of working do not foster productivity and creative ideas.

Organizations have now started accepting this need for change. Workspaces play a huge role in defining your work culture. Speaking of a vibrant environment, Serviced Office Spaces have a major part in changing the trends in workspace designs. Serviced offices are fully managed office spaces that are maintained by the service providers. The space providers manage the entire space and rent it out to other enterprises.

Serviced Spaces also known as Managed Offices or Coworking Spaces, focus on creating a collaborative and high-spirited work ambience for their community. Serviced Offices are not just workspaces but also a community where you can co-work with other bright minds around you.

Advantages of Serviced Office Spaces

  • Zero Capital Investment

The need for a huge amount of capital investment is taken off your shoulders if you choose a serviced office space. Furniture costs, setting up the electricity and plug points, redesigning the workspace, etc. are taken care of by the space providers. Fully managed spaces are plug & play office spaces that are ready to move-in.

  • Fully Managed Operations

The biggest advantage of operating from a serviced office or a fully managed office space is the freedom from the operational tasks of maintaining the workspace. The service providers look after the upkeeping of the space and provide you with a well maintained, clean & hygienic workspace. From housekeeping to cafeteria management to security, the space providers make sure all your additional business needs are being met.

  • Customized Spaces

Not only are you relieved from the operational tasks but most serviced space providers also give you the liberty to design your area as per your likes. You can choose the wallpapers, or colour of the fabric on the furniture, or even the flooring as per your likes or complement your brand image. You may also find the option of getting yourself a dedicated branding area that separates you from the rest.

  • Community & Engagement

The top priority for the co-working space providers is to look after its community members. Serviced offices are different from business centres this way. Community is the core essence of a coworking space and the sense of belonging is more while working from a shared office space. With constant activities for the members, space providers make sure the energy is always built up at their workspace.

  • Privacy & Security

Majority of the flexible office spaces today are entirely tech-enabled spaces that operate on the latest available technologies. Managed office spaces also provide RFID based entry to dedicated zones so that the privacy & security of a company is maintained. From high-speed internet connections to sensor-based facilities, the best co-working spaces in India are not just tech-friendly but also saves energy and are doing their best to reduce carbon footprint. Privacy in terms of network sharing and firewall safeties are well maintained unlike the myth of risking important company data.

  • Networking & Allied Services

Networking opportunities are plenty while working from a shared office space. The benefit of co-working with individuals from different industries is the possibilities of collaboration for mutual benefits. Space providers also make it a point to organize regular events to generate more such networking opportunities for their community members. Most space providers also provide allied services exclusive for their community that can support them with their business.

  • Lesser Employee Attrition

With a vibrant environment and enthusiasm across the workspace, the attrition ratio also drops down considerably. Employee attrition ratio directly affects the company’s process and is crucial for the reputation of the company. An energetic ambience keeps the employees motivated and brings the best out in them. More productivity and better ideas turn up as a result of it.

  • Multi-City Operations

Post the pandemic situation, it is now imperative for organizations to reconsider the quantum of their workforce operating from one location. Since flexible office spaces are spread across different locations, it can easily facilitate the implementation of your Business Continuity Plan. In the current scenario, setting up a distributed workforce and maintaining multiple office properties include some very sensitive operational task. The wider geographical presence of co-working space benefits organizations in quickly adopting this new normal of setting up the distributed workforce and get to work right from day one without getting into the hassles of infrastructure management and administration facilities.

  • Higher Interview Conversion Rate

First impressions last long and the impression of a pumped-up work environment can never go unnoticed. Your interview to conversion ratio can also go considerably up if you choose the perfect serviced office space. It is not just you who are interviewing the candidate but also the candidate who is trying to understand the culture of the company he/she is willing to be a part of.

Fully Managed Office Spaces are any day a better alternative to business centres or traditional private offices. Apart from being a hassle-free experience, the benefits of constantly working amidst a community are many. The headaches of managing an office space and constantly putting efforts towards maintaining a vibrant work environment for your team members are easily managed by the space providers and you can divert all your energy towards focusing on the core areas of your business. Make sure to choose the best serviced office space basis your business needs.


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