Blog Why do men now face indigestion issues quite frequently?

Why do men now face indigestion issues quite frequently?


Indigestion is one of the most common problems men face these days. Indigestion can be a symptom of various pre-existing disorders. On the other hand, indigestion can also be a symptom of an upcoming additional health issue in your life.

We all may have faced this disorder in our lives. Usually, it is curable within minutes when you take a digestion pill or an antacid pill. But some men usually have a much more aggravated form of the disorder. And it is in such cases that things are a bit more complex to cure. Only taking digestion pills will not help. 

In this article, we will look at the primary reasons that fuel indigestion in your life. Maybe once you get to know about the reasons you will also be able to check and prevent being victims of the disorder. And having to buy pills like Cenforce 200 and Vidalista 20 mg online at powpills trusted pharmacy store.

Indigestion disorder is much more complex than you think-

As we told you above indigestion could be one of the symptoms of any existing disorder in your body. This includes gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, ulcers, and gall bladder diseases.

It could also be a disorder arising out on its own as well but due to being highly severe, it is not curable with the use of antacid pills.

Understanding the symptoms of indigestion-

Indigestion is such a disorder that just like other disorders comes with existing symptoms of its own. If you can accurately determine some of these symptoms then you can find a quick remedy for them and eventually prevent them from getting even further severe. 

Symptoms of indigestion-

Burning sensation in the abdomen

Pain in the abdomen





Vomiting tendency


Remember that most of these symptoms will not occur among all patients. Some of the symptoms given above can be disorders themselves such s acidity or nausea. Other types of symptoms such as heartburn can occur due to other disorders such as GERD.

What increases the risks of suffering from indigestion?

Indigestion is a common type of disorder. Men of all ages may be suffering from it. But some men have slightly higher chances of having indigestion.

If you know about the risk factors that cause indigestion then you will probably be able to find a cure for it too. 

So here are some of the risk factors triggering indigestion-

Too much alcohol consumption

Intake of drugs that cause stomach irritation such as aspirin and other pain relievers

Those suffering from stomach ulcer 

People having psychological problems such as anxiety and depression


Too much smoking

As you can see some of the above reasons are just nothing but bad habits or lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking too much. You can easily control this and reduce the chances of indigestion disorder and prevent taking pills such as Cenforce 150.

Reasons for having indigestion-

Indigestion can occur due to several reasons such as-

Disease like-



Stomach infections

Irritable bowel syndrome


Thyroid diseases

Stomach ulcer

Problems in the gall bladder

Suffering from psychological issues such as anxiety and depression


Apart from suffering from specific diseases indigestion can grow from being rare to a daily event in case someone is using any one of the below-given pills.

These medicines include aspirin and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen. Use of estrogen and other contraceptives, use of any medicines that have steroids, some specific types of antibiotics, medicines for curing thyroid. 

Lifestyle factors

If you have read the article till now you must know that some lifestyle factors also put you at risk of having indigestion disorder. Some of the lifestyle factors include stuffing too much when eating, eating too much fast food, not chewing properly while eating, taking in too much alcohol, smoking too many cigarettes, and suffering from stress and fatigue. 

Preventing digestion with some simple steps

If digestion is a daily disorder with you then the use of a pill may not prove to become that effective. You will need to start imbibing some healthy lifestyle habits. Along with this, you will need to change your diet in so mays as well. 

Some of the simple ways that you can prevent suffering from indigestion include-

Taking small meals on go. This will help you to properly digest the food. Thus divide the option of a single meal into two. 

Chewing the food properly is important too since this will help in properly crushing the food items to smaller granules that can be digested under the action of peptic and gastric juices. 

Do not take food items that are highly acidic such as citrus fruits and tomatoes.

Taking in a food item that contains caffeine. 

Managing stress is highly important as well, you will need to prevent and manage the way of dealing with stress. Cutting back on all your addictions such as smoking, drinking and others can come in handy as well.  

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