Your career as a Landscape Designer

Your career as a Landscape Designer


The landscape designer is responsible for the decoration of parks, gardens, and backyards. The main task of this specialist is to hide or turn into decoration all the imperfections on the site with the help of plants, gardens, and parts of the natural landscape while creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

The profession of a landscape designer, in addition to specialized education, requires good imagination. It is perfect for creative individuals who like to create beauty around themselves and work with plants.

For those who do not have a design or architectural education but desire to work with flowers and plants, we recommend trying yourself as a florist.

Places of work

The position of a landscape designer is in demand in design and architecture studios and companies specializing in cottages. Sometimes large hotel complexes invite a landscape designer to the staff, who would create and maintain the original design of the territory belonging to the hotel.

Also, a landscape designer can work as a freelancer, independently looking for customers. In this case, it is imperative to have a good portfolio with the best works that you could show to potential clients.

Usually, the purpose of such a specialist is to create unique landscape complexes using special architectural techniques, flower arrangements, etc.

In addition to basic knowledge of landscape design, such a master must also have an engineering mindset, good taste, developed imagination, and a desire to make the world a better place.

Responsibilities of a landscape designer

The primary job responsibilities of a landscape designer:

  • performing landscape analysis of the territory
  • development of landscape planning solutions
  • creation of sketches for the project
  • participation in the development of architectural solutions
  • participation in the implementation of landscape projects, including the installation of small architectural forms
  • participation in conferences and exhibitions in the field of landscape design.

A landscape designer develops all the details of the project but is not involved in planting and caring for them – this is the work of a professional gardener. Although, in reality, the functions of a landscape designer and a gardener are often performed by the same person, it all depends on the place of work and the skills and knowledge of the specialist.

Other requirements for a landscape designer

Higher specialized education.

Knowledge of special graphics programs.


A significant advantage of the profession of a landscape designer is that talented professionals can succeed in it only through the results of their work. In other words, a landscape project made by a particular designer is the best proof of his qualifications, as well as an obvious advertisement of his skills and level of work.

How to become a landscape designer?

To become a landscape designer, you need to get a higher or secondary specialized education in “Landscape design” or “Landscape architecture.” In addition, nowadays you can find many courses in landscape design. 

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