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Latest Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB Price in India

Latest Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB Price in India

Jun 23, 2024

The latest Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB has been a much-anticipated release in India, boasting of impressive specifications at an attractive price point. In this article, we will delve into the key features of the Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB variant and explore its pricing details in the Indian market.

Redmi 12 5G Overview

The Redmi 12 5G comes as a part of Xiaomi’s popular Redmi series, known for offering feature-packed smartphones at budget-friendly prices. The 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage variant cater to users looking for ample memory and storage capacity to handle multitasking and store a plethora of data, apps, and media.


The Redmi 12 5G is powered by a robust processor, ensuring smooth performance even during intensive tasks and gaming sessions. The 6.7-inch display with Full HD+ resolution provides crisp visuals, making it ideal for multimedia consumption and gaming enthusiasts. The 5G connectivity support future-proofs the device for upcoming network advancements.


One of the highlights of the Redmi 12 5G is its camera setup. Equipped with a high-resolution primary camera and multiple auxiliary lenses, the smartphone captures stunning photos and videos in various lighting conditions. The inclusion of advanced AI-enhanced features further enhances the overall photography experience.

Battery Life

To support extended usage periods, the Redmi 12 5G is backed by a sizable battery that lasts throughout the day on a single charge. The presence of fast charging technology ensures quick replenishment of the battery, eliminating long charging times.


Running on the latest version of Xiaomi’s custom Android skin, the Redmi 12 5G offers a user-friendly interface with a plethora of customization options and software features. Regular software updates from Xiaomi ensure security patches and performance enhancements.

Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB Price in India

The Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB variant is competitively priced in the Indian market, aligning with Xiaomi’s strategy of offering value for money devices. With pricing subject to fluctuation due to promotional offers and market dynamics, the smartphone provides an affordable option for users seeking high-end specifications without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the standout features of the Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB variant?
  2. The standout features include a powerful processor, ample RAM and storage capacity, a versatile camera setup, and support for 5G connectivity.

  3. Does the Redmi 12 5G support expandable storage?

  4. Yes, the Redmi 12 5G allows for expandable storage via a microSD card slot, enabling users to increase the storage capacity as needed.

  5. Is the display of the Redmi 12 5G suitable for media consumption and gaming?

  6. Yes, the Full HD+ display of the Redmi 12 5G delivers vibrant visuals, making it ideal for watching videos, playing games, and browsing content.

  7. How is the battery life of the Redmi 12 5G for daily usage?

  8. The Redmi 12 5G offers impressive battery life, capable of lasting a full day with moderate to heavy usage, thanks to its efficient power management.

  9. Does the Redmi 12 5G receive regular software updates?

  10. Xiaomi provides regular software updates for the Redmi 12 5G, ensuring users get the latest features, security patches, and performance improvements.

In conclusion, the Redmi 12 5G 8GB 256GB variant presents a compelling option for users in India looking for a feature-rich smartphone at an affordable price point. With its blend of performance, camera capabilities, battery life, and software experience, the Redmi 12 5G stands out as a strong contender in its segment.

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