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Sesham Mikeil Fathima: A Popular Malayalam Song

Sesham Mikeil Fathima: A Popular Malayalam Song

Jun 5, 2024

If you were a Malayali growing up in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you would have grooved to the infectious beats of the song “Sesham Mikeil Fathima”. Composed by the legendary duo Vidyasagar and penned by Gireesh Puthenchery, this track became an instant hit and is still popular among music lovers in Kerala and beyond.

The Song’s Origin

“Sesham Mikeil Fathima” is a catchy Malayalam song from the movie “Chemistry”, released in 2009. The film, directed by Viji Thampi, featured actors Manoj K Jayan, Mukesh, and Charmila in lead roles. The song is a celebration of love and companionship, with vibrant beats that make it an instant mood-lifter.

Musical Brilliance

The song’s allure lies not only in its lyrics but also in its upbeat music. Vidyasagar, known for his soul-stirring melodies, infused the track with his signature style. From foot-tapping rhythms to memorable hooks, every aspect of the song was crafted to resonate with the audience.

Lyrically Profound

Gireesh Puthenchery, a prolific lyricist in the Malayalam film industry, weaved magic with his words in “Sesham Mikeil Fathima”. The lyrics speak of love in its purest form, evoking emotions of joy and happiness. Coupled with the melodious composition, the words transcend language barriers, making the song a universal favorite.

Enduring Popularity

Despite being released over a decade ago, “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” continues to enjoy immense popularity. Its timeless appeal has ensured that it remains a staple at weddings, parties, and cultural events. The song has also spawned numerous covers and recreations, further cementing its status as a classic.

Impact on Popular Culture

Beyond its musical brilliance, “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” has left an indelible mark on popular culture. It is often referenced in movies, TV shows, and social media, showcasing its enduring influence. The song’s ability to evoke nostalgia and evoke feelings of love and happiness has solidified its position as a cultural phenomenon.


In a musical landscape filled with fleeting trends, “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” stands as a testament to the power of timeless music. Its melodic charm, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, continues to captivate listeners of all ages. As we reminisce about this beloved song, we are reminded of the magic of music to transcend time and connect hearts.


Q: Who composed the song “Sesham Mikeil Fathima”?
A: The song was composed by Vidyasagar, a renowned music director in the Malayalam film industry.

Q: Which movie features the song “Sesham Mikeil Fathima”?
A: The song is from the movie “Chemistry”, directed by Viji Thampi and starring Manoj K Jayan, Mukesh, and Charmila.

Q: What is the theme of the song “Sesham Mikeil Fathima”?
A: The song celebrates love and companionship, with lyrics that evoke feelings of joy and happiness.

Q: Why is “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” considered a timeless classic?
A: The song’s melodious composition, profound lyrics, and enduring popularity contribute to its status as a classic in Malayalam music.

Q: How has “Sesham Mikeil Fathima” impacted popular culture?
A: The song has become a cultural phenomenon, referenced in various media and continuing to resonate with audiences across generations.

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